Date Night at Osteria Panevino

If you’re looking for the perfect date night spot, look no further than Osteria Panevino. Nestled in the heart of San Diego’s historic Gaslamp Quarter, Osteria is the best Italian restaurant in San Diego. Nothing screams romance like an intimate ambiance and tasty Italian cuisine, which is what you will get at our restaurant. Continue reading as we share the perfect dish to order on your next date night – our cheese wheel pasta.

A Taste of Italian Romance

As you walk into Osteria Panevino, it feels like stepping into a cozy corner of Italy. The atmosphere sets the perfect scene for a romantic night out. Picture this: The sun has gone down, and as you enter our restaurant, you’re greeted by a warm and inviting ambiance. Every little detail is designed to make you feel like you’re in for a special evening. And then, just as you take in the surroundings, our friendly server arrives with a delightful surprise – our famous cheese wheel pasta.

Our Date Night Menu

Elevate your date night with pasta perfection and try out our signature cheese wheel pasta in San Diego at Osteria Panevino. Lucky for you, we have curated a special date night menu priced at $79 per couple. It includes, 1 appetizer to share, 2 cheese wheel pastas, and 1 dessert to share. Join us for a romantic evening with delicious Italian cuisine. This mouthwatering dish is guaranteed to impress even the most discerning palate.

The Best Italian Experience in San Diego

What sets Osteria Panevino apart as the best Italian restaurant in San Diego is not solely our delicious Italian cuisine, but also our commitment to creating memorable dining experiences. Whether you’re having a first date or an anniversary, every visit to Osteria Panevino is infused with the warmth of Italian hospitality and the passion of Chef Vincenzo Lo Verso’s culinary creations. From your first sip of wine to your last twirl of our cheese wheel pasta, each moment is savored, making it a date night to remember.


In a city renowned for its culinary diversity, Osteria Panevino stands out as the best Italian restaurant in San Diego, serving the best cheese wheel pasta in town. Osteria Panevino is definitely the perfect place for a romantic dining experience. We invite you to join us and click here to make a reservation for our special date night menu where you and your date can enjoy our famous cheese wheel pastas in San Diego

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